Paraous City is a shining bastion in the continent of Carla; although to the north and out of the way for many of the major cities, Paraous City is a neutral location with a King but kept neutral by all standards.

You have lived here for some time; the city is made and ran by money, those who hold it make it spin.

The Merchant Sellers, The Adventures Guild, Hands of Ioun (The Librarians) and The Acolytes of Avandra; the four groups each with their own ideals, influences and areas of expertise.

The respected leaders of the four groups have spoken about a expedition to the Ruins of Tal’en in the Bright Wood, an ancient set of ruins made by elves said to be descended from the Fey themselves.

What caused you to choose (Or be chosen) to go? Was it a thirst for adventure? A curiosity to see the ancient ruins? Perhaps something alone, the way interests you? Or maybe you were just chosen by circumstances beyond your control?


“Who knew… who knew they would do it?”

The day was stale, the grass brittle, it was the beginning of Midwinter, and frost began to cover the ground. You could see your breath as you stepped outside. The times were changing, but The Cynder Isles stayed the same. The War from the south had spread like a plague but it seemed that we were the only ones to be safe, thousands of refugees fled to the isles to find a new life away from the oppression.

You wake up in Parous City, the shining capital of the Cynder Isles and the largest port in Carla. This is a city of merchants and craftsmen. You find your life relatively unchanged; that is until you heard the news.

“It was the second first day is Alturiak, the soldier’s footprints were masked by the steps of the running animals, believed to be fleeing from the mountain starving wolves, hunting. No one managed to make it out; they swept through so fast, no one had any warning as the fires lit by the men blazed through. It was only a matter of minutes before there was nothing left and no one alive.”

In the days to come, everyone knew it was only a matter of time… The King had sent a letter of surrender forth, the Cynder Isles had no true military force, they were a trading and resource island.

Days later it seemed that Paramar had accepted the surrender, they began to move forward; the guilds of the city began to fight among themselves and things were no longer so simple. Things were changing on the islands, the drums of war were beating and it was only a matter of time before the simple life as you knew it would change.


Winds of Change

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