Ailan Creed


Name: Ailan Creed
Age: 18
Birthday: 15th of Flamerule
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Race: Half-Elf
Sub race: Illuskan/Wood Elf
Nickname or preferred name: Ailan
Occupation: Apprentice Alchemist / Merchant
Mannerisms: Quiet and thoughtful. Socially adept, but loathe to show it. Somewhat sadistic in certain situations; potential to be vengeful
Notable Traits: Inquisitive, Intelligent, Empathetic
Education: Advanced
Strengths: Wise, Effective
Weaknesses: Slow to act, Not a Natural Leader
Likes: Alchemy, People, Dancing
Dislikes: Pain, Being Used
Life goal: To Find a Life Goal
Aspirations: None. He has more or less skated along life, never really coming up with his own idea for living, instead following along with the wishes of his parents, his vague pursuits of knowledge, or his sister.
Favourite Food: Foie Gras
Favourite Drink: Vodka

Sexuality: (Please rate 0-7)
2.5 (?)
Romantic Interest: None
Restrictions on Race for sexual interest None in theory; However, Ailan would have to find the person attractive. He is somewhat focused on looks, therefore, members of the more openly attractive races (IE: Elves, Eladrin, Humans) would likely suit his fancy more than a Dwarf or otherwise.
Restrictions on Subrace for sexual interest None
Notable friendship: His sister, Ailith.

- Ellenar Creed (Mother)
- Paren Amakiir (Gemflower) (Father)
-Ailith Creed (Twin Sister)

Rate 1-5:
Reserved Vs. Outgoing: 3
Emotionally Chaotic Vs. Emotionally Stable: 3.5
Submissive Vs. Dominate: 2.5
Serious Vs. Less Serious: 4
Expedient Vs Conscientious: 4
Timid Vs Venturesome: 5
Tough- Minded Vs. Sensitive: 3 (Though, context would influence this immensely)
Trusting Vs Suspicious: 4.5
Practical Vs. Imaginative: 5
Forthright Vs. Shrewd: 3.5
Self-Assured Vs. Apprehensive: 4
Conservative Vs. Liberal: 5
Group Dependent Vs. Self-Sufficient: 3.5 (Context)
Uncontrolled Vs. Controlled: 4
Relaxed Vs. Tense: 1

Appearance: -As a rule of thumb, he looks like he does in the picture. Rather androgynous.
Height: 5’ 10’’
Weight: 145 lbs
Body Type: Slim
Eye Colour: Hazel(?)
Attire: Simple dark leather armor. Errs on the side of what is durable and practical when it comes to clothing, though, if he was given the option, he would pick something well-made and beautiful to him every time.


Ailan Creed

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