Ailith Creed

The scholar


Name: Ailith Creed
Age: 18
Birthday: 15th of Flamerule
Alignment: Neutral Good
Race: Half-Elf
Sub race: Illuskan/Wood Elf
Nickname or preferred name: None
Occupation: Apprentice Alchemist
Mannerisms: Very cheerful and bubbly, with a tendency to ramble. Has a habit of multitasking.
Notable Traits: Curious, Intelligent, Friendly, Altruistic
Education: Advanced
Strengths: Knowledgable, Courageous
Weaknesses: Naive, Oblivious
Likes: Reading, Magic, Alchemy, Talking to people
Dislikes: Ignorance, Rude Behavior, Cruelty
Life goal: Gather knowledge and power to make the world a better place
Aspirations: To make her way up in the Inquisitors and make her family proud.
Favourite Food: Roasted Lamb
Favourite Drink: Rum

Sexuality: – 3 = Bisexual, no preference between male and female
Romantic Interest: None
Restrictions on Race for sexual interest: None
Restrictions on Subrace for sexual interest: None
Notable friendship:

- Ailan Creed (Twin Brother)
- Ellenar Creed (Mother)
- Paren Amakiir (Gemflower) (Father)

Rate 1-5:
Reserved Vs. Outgoing: 4
Emotionally Chaotic Vs. Emotionally Stable: 3
Submissive Vs. Dominate: 3
Serious Vs. Less Serious: 4
Expedient Vs Conscientious: 2
Timid Vs Venturesome: 4
Tough- Minded Vs. Sensitive: 3
Trusting Vs Suspicious: 2
Practical Vs. Imaginative: 4
Forthright Vs. Shrewd: 1
Self-Assured Vs. Apprehensive: 2
Conservative Vs. Liberal: 5
Group Dependent Vs. Self-Sufficient: 2
Uncontrolled Vs. Controlled: 3
Relaxed Vs. Tense: 2

Height: 5’5
Weight: 120lbs
Body Type: Small and lean
Eye Colour: Blue
Attire: Ailith likes to wear dress like robes, and shawls, usually accompanied with subtle jewelry. Her favorite color to wear is blue.
Notable Items: Alchemy Kit
Concealed Items: None


A young half elf from Parous City. The daughter of the owners of a local alchemy shop, Ailith had a very common upbringing often helping her parents in the shop growing up along with her twin brother Ailan. From a young age she and Ailan were always close to near inseparable despite their differences in character.

Ailith began apprenticing as an alchemist under her family as a preteen and would occasionally make deliveries for the shop. One of these deliveries lead her to the Inquisitors of Ioun. Ailith became immeadiatly fascinated by the order and their vast knowledge. Being an enormous bookworm and curious girl herself, Ailith’s fascination with the order remained with her for years. Eventually this lead to her studying magic, history, and a vast variety of subjects and joining the Inquisitors herself when she came of age as an apprentice.

When the inquisitors began searching for volunteers among the lower ranks for the expedition to the ruins, Ailith lept at the chance. Eager to impress her superiors and study the ruins she gathered her supplies and readied herself to leave Parous City for the first time in her life.

Ailith Creed

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