Thia Lysander


Age: 18
Race: Human
Sub race: Illuskan
Occupation: Priestest of Pelor
Notable Traits: Polite, overly confident and out spoken
Likes: Singing, animals, being alone to think.

- Brother Octavian Lysander
- Mother Deceased
- Father Deceased

Body Type:


Her brother left when she was still a new born baby, her parents saddened quickly fell ill after this and died soon after. Thia was raised by a small family until she was 6 years old and then sent to live at the Cynder Isles Abby of Pelor to the West; Thia returned to Parous City when she was 17 to get answers to her past, including to question her brother who has seemed to return unexpectedly.

Thia Lysander

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